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Thomson Reuters Study- Mental Health Parity Unlikely to Hurt Employers

In recently released press release, Thomson Reuters says the findings from two separate studies done by Thomson Reuters researchers in conjunction with SAMHSA, show that increased behavioral health coverage is unlikely to be costly to employers. The primary reasoning being the low … Continue reading

Sponsors of Mental Health Parity Push for Final Regulations

Pete Domenici, Former Senator from New Mexico, and namesake of the 2008 Wellstone Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity act along with Gordon Smith, former Senator from Oregon write to ask why final regulations for the 2008 legislation are … Continue reading

RAND Completes Study on Federal Mental Health Parity Implementation

A study published by the RAND Corporation, contracted by the HHS Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, includes a short term analysis of current implementation of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. The study focuses on two issues … Continue reading

Mike Wallace Also Remembered as Mental Health Advocate

The Columbia University Medical Center points out that Mike Wallace will be remembered for many things journalistic, but he should also be recognized as a great mental health champion.  He was not only willing to share his personal story with … Continue reading

Parity Battles Around the States

Michigan Michigan Legislators Try to Add Mental Health Parity to Autism Legislation Bi-partisan legislation requiring insurers to cover autism treatment is headed to the Governor’s desk from the Michigan Legislature. During the debate some legislators tried to amend the bill … Continue reading

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation publishes study of the impact of changes in behavioral health services

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Care for Communities researchers studied the changes in financing of behavioral health services and the impact of these changes on the quality and cost of care and an individual’s ability to access care from … Continue reading