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Maryland Selects Its Essential Health Benefit Plan

The Selection On September 27, 2012 The Maryland health Care Reform Coordinating Council voted to select the State Employee Health Plan as its benchmark for the Essential Health Benefit Plan. Of course, because nothing can be simple, the HCRCC included … Continue reading

Parity Around the States

California In the last days of the California Legislative Session, lawmakers passed a Workers’ Compensation law that flies in the face of mental health parity. In an effort to cut insurance costs, the law eliminated the coverage for psychological injuries … Continue reading

Patrick Kennedy Speaks to Recovery Caucus on Behavioral Health Parity

Representative Patrick Kennedy spoke to a standing room only meeting of the Recovery Caucus at the Democratic National Convention. Also part of the Panel was David Wellstone, son of the late Senator Paul Wellstone, original sponsor of the federal parity … Continue reading

Maryland Health Care Reform Update

The summer is winding down, but Maryland health care reform implementation is still in high gear. Decisions are being made; meetings are being held; comments are being accepted on the Essential Health Benefits and Qualified Health Plans sold through the … Continue reading