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Take Advantage of Your Health Plan – Preventive Screenings

Congratulations if you’ve successfully enrolled into a plan through Maryland Health Connection before the close of open enrollment. More than likely you were enrolled into Medicaid or a Qualified Health Plan (QHP). QHPs are private health benefit plans that are … Continue reading

Understanding Your Insurance Costs

As the number of uninsured Americans decrease with the help of the Affordable Care Act, more people are taking advantage of new health insurance options. If you have not enrolled into a plan, check out Maryland Health Connection. Understanding your new … Continue reading

Proposed Bill Could Potentially Decrease MD Funding

On December 12th, 2013, Representative Tim Murphy (R – Pa) introduced the bill “Helping Families in Mental Crises Act of 2013” that aims to decrease mental health spending and increase mental illness spending. Within the 135-page document, Congressman Murphy highlights a … Continue reading