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DHHS’ Push to Fix ACA Network Adequacy Issues

New York Times reporter Robert Pear briefly describes the Department of Health and Human Services’ push to fix issues found within consumer complaints. One of the major complications in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is the inaccurate provider … Continue reading

Oklahoma Family Fights Large Insurance Carrier

Clifton Adcock of Oklahoma Watch reports the devastating story of a family and the struggles they had to face when accessing behavioral health care through Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Oklahoma. Karie Dove and her husband experienced many financial … Continue reading

Poor Enforcement of Federal Parity Law Continues

Michael Ollove of the nonprofit organization, Stateline, gives an overview of consumer protection laws that are not being fully enforced throughout the United States.  The Mental Health Parity Addiction and Equity Act requires insurance carriers to manage their behavioral health … Continue reading

Reshaping the Public’s View on Mental Illness

Kimberly Leonard of US News details a necessary shift in the understanding and perceptions of mental illness across the nation to influence policy enforcement.  Although there are laws in place to protect behavioral health consumers, many individuals are still uncertain of … Continue reading

Patrick Kennedy Speaks at Opera House

Maggie Clark of the Herald Tribune discusses the progress of mental health and the potential areas that need improvement from the viewpoint of Patrick Kennedy. As the access of health care increases, the number of issues found in our health … Continue reading