Behavioral Health Company Addresses High Demand of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Behavioral Healthcare interviewed CEO of company that specializes in revenue cycle management for behavioral health facilities. William McCormick touches on how the ACA and parity will affect mental health providers getting paid as well as issues that behavioral health providers should consider. As the demand for services increase, how will current mental health providers deal with the shortage of providers?

A number of organizations are stepping up to the plate to meet the high demands for mental health and addiction services and treatment. Solid Landings Behavioral Health, is a for-profit corporation in California that strives “to deliver the highest quality care that will empower individuals and families to achieve full recovery.” Sure Haven Addiction Treatment and Rock Solid Recovery are two of the residential treatment programs offered through Solid Landings Behavioral Health. Chief Finance Office, Kevin Gallagher, stated, “the organization has been adding more beds.” With the addition of new beds, comes a surge of new employees. Tanisha Porreca (Chief Operations Officer) noted in the previous year, the company hired over 100 new employees and plans to hire an additional 100 this year. The company is currently looking for case managers, therapists, accountants, support staff and drivers.

Hiring a large number of employees helps with the lack of mental health professionals but it also has problems of its own. When looking at candidates they must share the same vision as Solid Landings Behavioral Health. Another obstacle is finding individuals who are willing to work the graveyard shift and training new hires for the fast pace culture. A desirable strength of those who are applying is for the candidate to be in recovery. The majority of the owners of Solid Landings are in recovery and make a conscience effort to offer opportunities to those who are coming out of recovery to gain work experience in the field.

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