Getting Involved With Health Care Reform In Maryland

There a many ways to get involved in Maryland’s implementation of Health Care Reform.

  • Apply to be a member of an advisory committee. Maryland Health Benefit Exchange will establish a standing advisory committee in March 2013, which must include consumer representation. (check back here for updates on this committee)
  • Attend a public meeting. Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Board Meetings occur monthly and are open to the public.
  • Get engaged with issues of continuing concern for consumer advocates including 1) ensuring that all plans have adequate numbers of mental health and substance use disorder providers; 2) ensuring that all qualified health plans comply with the federal parity law; and 3) ensuring that all individuals have access to affordable, high-quality health plans.
  • Join the Maryland Women’s Coalition for Health Care Reform. This coalition is actively involved in Maryland’s implementation efforts and is well-respected for presenting the consumer voice and many stakeholder meetings.
  • Sign up for Alerts. The Maryland Parity Project will keep you updated on health care reform decisions as they affect mental health and substance use disorder consumers and providers.
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