Launch of New ParityTrack Website

The ParityTrack, a joint venture of The Kennedy Forum and Scattergood Foundation, is a forum that captures parity implementation activities across the nation. The site will serve as a national clearinghouse for information and resources focusing on behavioral health parity.  ParityTrack outlines consumer’s rights on a state and federal level, and provides tips for consumers to pursue optimal coverage from their carrier. The website has three main sections: Parity Reports, Know Your Rights, and Get Support. The Parity Reports section include state and national reports in legislation, regulation, and litigation. Currently, the Parity Implementation National Survey is being conducted to examine the current state of Parity implementation across the country through in-depth analysis of current legislation, regulatory actions and litigation by state. So far, five states are being examined, including Maryland and Pennsylvania. For each state, ParityTrack outlines parity legislation that have been passed and introduced. Within the regulatory overview are the actions taken by state regulatory agencies.

The Know Your Rights section details common parity violations, solutions and noteworthy stories. This section also breaks down the concept of parity and of course, consumer rights under parity laws. The last section, Get Support, provides resources for consumers who want to learn more about parity and for those who need assistance.

The Maryland Parity Project website also provides an abundance of information regarding the parity laws, consumer rights, resources, and the Parity Perspectives blog. If you would like assistance understanding your rights as a consumer and/or having issues with your behavioral health coverage, please contact the Maryland Parity Project.


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