Parity Snapshot: Washington

The Parity Implementation Coalition recently released its newest Parity Snapshot, the fourth in the series. The most recent Snapshot highlights the parity implementation efforts in the state of Washington, featuring Andrea Philhower, Health and Disability Forms Manager in the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s (OIC) Rates and Forms Division and Mandy Weeks, Staff Attorney for OIC who works on health insurance issues. The three promising practices highlighted include:

  • the Insurance Commissioner’s use of Coalition feedback to highlight potential parity concerns
  • the use of market conduct surveys by the Commissioner to identify potential parity violations
  • engagement of the Commissioner’s office in parity regulation discussions.

Also of note is the request by the Commissioner’s office that the federal regulators issue more guidance to help insurers comply with the federal parity law and to assist state regulators in holding insurers accountable. According to the Commissioner’s staff, one of the complaints they hear from providers and consumers relates to network adequacy and credentialing of providers. The Washington Insurance Commissioner has made several press statements relating to parity compliance but has not issued any fines or corrective orders.

Take a minute to check out all the Parity Snapshots issued by the Parity Implementation Coalition. Please contact us if you have any questions about the federal parity law or are having difficulty with your health insurer when trying to access mental health or substance use disorder treatment

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